Who’s Who: People Behind Construction

The creation of a brand-new home begins with a dream and branches out into one or multiple ideas. And eventually, it will be put into the hands of an entire team of skilled people in construction and anything that concerns with building a house.

It all starts with the land where your future home is going to be. Land developers do exactly what their name suggests, they develop lands for them to be suitable for construction and eventually, to be fit to live in.

Developers take years to acquire different areas of land, ranging from an open field, wooded land and a mountainous area, and decides which type of buyers to persuade, what kind of community can be built and what size of houses fits.

The developer’s job is to have the land graded for efficient drainage and erosion control and install the community’s roads and underground infrastructures such as water, sewer and utilities.

Once the land is perfectly suitable for house construction, architects come into play. Architects’ main role is to devise a floorplan for the house. Factors that are taken into consideration when coming up with floorplans to fit the size of the land are location, topography, direction it faces, its relationship to other lots and environmental and weather elements.

Architects work closely with the home building firm of your choosing. Home building firms monitor and manage each phase and construction of your home to ensure that the end result adheres to the design and quality you asked for.

Among the key staff of a home building firm includes a builder’s sales consultant, which will present you all the floorplan options there are to guide you in choosing one that fits your needs and preferences.

The builder’s sales team will assist you in selecting a floorplan and model of home, an elevation as well as a lot on which your new home will be built. Most builders’ sales consultant will even create 3D models of floorplans to help clients visualize better.

After closing a decision for the floorplan, a design center consultant will help you incorporate your taste and style into your new home. This member of the builder’s team should not be mistaken with an interior designer because a design center consultant accommodates homeowners to make vital design selections such as what material will be used for flooring or countertops.

All the decisions made will be relayed to the construction superintendent, who will be the designated overall project manager of your home. This person will oversee everything – from the quality of the materials used, to making sure specific measurements are followed and even guaranteeing that deadlines are being met diligently.

Although it is a must that all people behind construction work closely with each other, the construction superintendent coordinates with key trade contractors consistently. Among the things that key trade contractors manage are foundation, framing, exterior, electrical work, plumbing, drywall, painting, even flooring and driveway.

Aside key trade contractors overseeing intricate but major details of the house, inspectors are also present to evaluate the construction.

Now we have established that building a dream house is not light work. A team of talented and skilled individuals with extensive knowledge and background on construction science and techniques work hand-in-hand to create houses that clients will be delighted to start a life in.

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